The End

And every thing blurred as tears filled my eyes.
Imagining you in between the stars.
How could we get here ?.
In this land of perfect strangers.
Dry and quiet.
Alone and painful.

If only time was something reversible .
Something I could switch.
Again, I wonder,
how did we get here,my dear ?.
Where have all the laughter gone ?.
The companionship we found through words.
Through the secrets we have shared.

I miss you so much, it aches me to be bone.
While distance is being spread between,
and it gets vaster by this silence you are building around me.
Captivating my thoughts and beauty I have long carved for you.
Even before I know it.

Could these silent wishes bring you back ?.
Could this regret and past time mistakes be glued back together ?.
I cried tonight.
I shattered the tears because the nights are killing me without you.
And what ever we used to have spending it.
Because now it is gone.
Vanished by the wind.
Erased by time.

How can honesty became such a stranger,
when that is all we used to have ?.
How can missing each other be something painful,
once it is done along ?.
Sweet dreams has turned in to nightmares.
Lullabies has turned to a high scratched tone of a sad ensemble.
I just want you to know how much I miss you.

I wish I can tell you.

// accompanied by : Dewi Lestari - The End [ Album : Out Of Shell ] //